Great Foundations.

Strange title indeed if you consider what this post talks about, but I hope in time you will be able to understand. We at the Benin Transmitter Station (BTS) are facing an interesting future, or should I rather say a challenging one. Our Station Director, Paul Cox, has decided to move on and this is where the ‘Great Foundation’ comes in.

Paul has been Station Director for BTS since it started broadcasting back in 2008, in fact his involvement with BTS goes back to the year before that when Paul was around to help set up the Station and get everything installed properly.

[captionpix imgsrc="" align="center" width="400" captiontext="Training with the Technicians"]

Paul has concentrated heavily on the human development side of BTS on all levels, including spiritual and academic. This is why I can say he has given the individuals involved with BTS Great Foundations.

Now there are a few things with foundations that are interesting:

  • they need to be firm to withstand what is built on them, no doubt Paul is leaving BTS with people that are stronger on many levels
  • they get covered up and often hidden below ground level, most of the foundations Paul has built have been covered up and are not seen, thus not acknowledged, but we who went through the process know exactly what is there
  • a building does not stand except for the foundations, time will tell as to durability of the foundations.

My personal thanks to Paul, you have done a great job, know that you are appreciated by all the staff at BTS and you have left some Great Foundations.

Praise God




One…Two…Three Dedications

To use the old bus adage, you wait ages for one to come along and then two or three come at the same time. The same thing has happened with dedications here in Benin and it has been wonderful. At the end of March we had a number of dedications.

[captionpix imgsrc="" align="center" width="350" captiontext="House Dedication"]

We appreciate all those who traveled the many hot and bumpy miles to come and join us for the House Dedication. Also in attendance where those who raised the finances and I pray they were satisfied with the finished product.

[captionpix imgsrc="" align="center" width="350" captiontext="Cottage Dedication"]

Something we did on the side but that takes center stage, the Cottage is there to serve the larger community we are part of, thank you once again for the support on this project.

[captionpix imgsrc="" align="center" width="350" captiontext="Induction of the Klassen Boardwalk"]

An added joy for us and a special thanks to Clara and SIM for their ongoing support and encouragement, this is our way of saying thanks, a boardwalk to keep our feet out of the mud!

Thanks to all and Praise be to God for all that He has been done and all that is still to be done! Feel free to look at the photo albums.


Thank you for the visit!

OK, so we do not live and work in the middle of nowhere, at times it may feel like it, but one thing we do appreciate very much is when someone makes the effort and comes to visit and spend time with us and our team. This just happened and we had the pleasure of having TWR’s ‘The-buck-stops-here’ HR guy, Mr. Rick Weston. [captionpix imgsrc="" align="center" width="550" captiontext="Rick with the team after morning breakfast"]

Rick was able to spend a week with us, visiting with us in our homes, seeing the operation and our team in action, meeting some of the other people in town that make our work easier and also the occasional meal, well there were quite a few and they were good.

Thank you for the visit, support and encouragement. We look forward to seeing you back here in the middle of nowhere!

Blessings – Garth


If you scan down this page you will see that back in March I wrote about the ‘Empty Chair’, hallelujah our prayers have been answered as many have come to help us out. I do need to add that no one actually took up the offer of using the ‘Chair’, since everyone who came was too busy to sit down. [captionpix imgsrc="" align="center" width="550" captiontext="Steve and Jessica, Lyle, Devin, Steve and Lorraine and the Kennedy family"]

The two Steve’s are electrical engineers so got stuck in working with our technicians and also solved some electrical problems we were having, Jessica loves office work so helped us out with items that had been on my To-Do list since the beginning of the year, wonderful stuff. Lyle has been helping out with the work on the cottage and also the two new houses we are building. Devin is a mechanical engineer so sorted out many problems on our machines. Lorraine worked in town sorting out the school’s library and updating the records from the last time she did them.

Some of these good folk are still around, others have headed back home and others still will come back in the New Year. I am very thankful to God for sending them all to help us out and for the work they have done here thus far.

The ‘Empty Chair’ is still there, feel free to come and try it out.




[captionpix imgsrc="" align="left" width="250" captiontext="Working on the Transmitter"]

How many times do you stop and ask yourself if the work you are doing is worth it?

I must admit to having done so myself on numerous occasions, especially when the pressure is on and you are putting in some long hours.

For me one of the best things I can do to get a reality check is to read what some of our listeners have written:

 ..after your program I felt led to contact you, I have decided to follow your advice to give my life totally to the Lord Jesus. I repented as you told me, and I experienced peace of heart, it is like a big weight was been taken off me and I am joyful. Thank you for this program which led me to you…      (Côte d’Ivoire)

…let me explain my problem: the sin I have committed. You advised me to go to God and tell him. I submitted myself as the word of God teaches. I Bless the Lord, because He delivered me and my sins are forgiven. Glory to His Name. Joy has returned to me and my peace I had lost as a Christian, has been found. Thank you for your support in prayer…          (Togo)

Radio waves going out to towns and villages we have not been to or even heard of, but God knows and we praise Him…now let me go and carry on with my work!



Empty Chair!

So do you notice anything missing from the picture below, well the title to this post gives you a clue, yes there is no one in the chair. We are looking for people to fill this chair and a few other chairs as well if possible.

[captionpix imgsrc="" align="right" width="300" captiontext="Empty chair waiting for YOU!"]

The Benin Transmitter Station presents a great opportunity for anyone wanting to do an internship or take part in a short term work assignment. As a transmitter station we have need of engineers, both electrical and mechanical. Further to our engineering needs there are also opportunities for those involved in diesel mechanics, maintenance, agriculture and teaching.

Now I know the thought is that internships or short term work assignments are age limited, well for us they are not, one of the best lessons I have learnt over the years is not to underestimate anyone. It is great having youngsters here with their new knowledge, enthusiasm and energy, it is great having middle aged people here with their drivenness and experience and also great having older folk here with their wisdom, tranquility and guidance.

So if you agree with TWR’s Doctrinal position then go ahead and send me an email, directly to, I look forward to hearing from you.



Diggers & Dirt

Well not quite the sort of post that goes with a Transmitter Station, but God has given us a large piece of property and we feel it would be wise stewardship to look after and develop the land as best we can. In the light of this we were able to build a small lake back in 2006 and it has evolved over the years. It serves more than just us and some of the local communities needs, it has become something of a sanctuary for birds and wild life as well.

Then God sent along a road crew looking for water and they are more than happy to work on our lake, we negotiated with them and then the next day we see this, viola……………

[captionpix imgsrc="é-Feb-12-7.jpg" align="left" width="300" captiontext="Excavator working on making the lake deeper and strengthening the wall"]

They have worked on the lake itself, put in a new road and graded some of our existing roads.

All I can say is WOW, would never have imagined this back in 2006 when we were playing around in the dirt trying to dig out for the wall. Pray for us to have wisdom and also pray that the road guys will complete the additional work they have promised before they leave.

This is not something we could have afforded but God knows our needs, we do indeed serve a mighty God.